The Suzie the Scientist home-reader series is a new take on home-readers linking reading development directly to the Australian Curriculum: Science.

The 24-book series features an engaging “cool” scientist (Suzie) who presents interesting scientific facts to engage kids and empower parents to explore and discuss scientific concepts while developing and improving reading literacies and fluency.

The books are specifically written to link directly with classroom learning and align to learning outcomes across the three strands and four sub-strands of the Australian Curriculum: Science.

Key features of the Suzie the Scientist Home Reader Series

Affordabilityup to 50% cheaper than comparable home reader series’

  • Each book in the 24-book series is a 16-page, full-colour publication spanning PM reading levels 1-24. Comparable sets of home readers from commercial suppliers can be more than double the cost of this series.

Linked directly to the Australian Curriculum: Science

  • Each book aligns to learning outcome statements (i.e. Descriptors) from the Australian Curriculum: Science 
  • Unlike other science-based home readers, equal emphasis is placed across all four sub-strands (Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Earth and Space Sciences and Physical Sciences) – 6 books for each sub-strand!
  • In addition, all three strands of the Australian Curriculum Science are also addressed – i.e. Science Understanding, Science as a Human Endeavour and Science Inquiry Skills

Overt involvement and empowerment of parents in the home reading process

  • Detailed scientific information is provided to empower parents to engage children in exploratory conversations about science. This information is directly linked to classroom learning via the Australian Curriculum: Science
  • Before-, during– and after– reading strategies equip parents to actively support their child’s emerging literacy
  • Interesting scientific facts presented in a visually engaging way by Suzie the Scientist spark children’s interest and provide additional ideas for parents to discuss with children

Written by Australian Educators for Australian classrooms

  • The 24-book series is written specifically for Australian schools and linked to current classroom activities
  • Storylines use exclusively Australian contexts and content
  • The authors have collaboratively drawn on their experiences as science educators, early childhood teachers and parents to create an interesting and diverse range of books to connect scientific concepts to everyday contexts that children (and parents!) can relate to.

Levelled reader series

  • The 24 books are levelled across PM reading levels 1-24 and Fountas and Pinnell levels A-O
  • Learning outcomes (from the Australian Curriculum: Science) are levelled from Foundation – Year 2

Addresses both reading and scientific literacies

  • Consistent sentence structure and use of high frequency words appropriate to each reading level to help children develop fluency, comprehension and vocabulary
  • Key scientific words introduced for discussion prior to reading and in context within the book to help children extend their reading vocabulary
  • Images and labelled scientific diagrams visually emphasise key concepts, create visual associations for children (words to images) and support both reading development and scientific literacies.

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