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The Suzie the Scientist book series is now available in a range of formats including conventional print format or as very affordable interactive e-books available from the Apple iBooks Store. Click here to find out more or click on the i-Books icon below to download books to your iPad library.

Information for parents

Children learn to read at school and at home!  A key strategy used in Australian schools is the take-home reader where parents (or caregivers) take an active role in improving reading literacy and fluency. Unfortunately, the nightly ritual of sitting with your child while they churn through an uninteresting, irrelevant and uninspiring home reader is often a burden for both the child and parent. In addition, home reader books are typically disconnected to student interests and disconnected with their school studies.

A new take on home readers

Learning to read is the single most important life skill that we, as parents, can pass onto our children. Raising awareness and developing skills in Science, Technology and Mathematics (STeM) to allow them to thrive in the 21st century is also vitally important. The Suzie the Scientist home reader series empowers parents to do both.

Each book directly aligns to what your child learns in the classroom as they progress through the early years of the Australian Curriculum: Science. At home, children engage more readily with material they are already familiar with and concepts they have already been exposed to at school. The storylines in the Suzie the Scientist books are derived from everyday situations that will be familiar to children, and that link to their learning and activities in the classroom.

Providing you with the information you need

The Suzie the Scientist home reader books place you, the parent, in the central role of facilitating the reading development of your child at home. The books provide all the information you need to confidently tackle this important role.

Information relating to how the books align with the Australian Curriculum: Science is provided for you on the inside front cover of the books.

Strategies for facilitating your child’s reading development are provided in the ‘Before Reading’, ‘During Reading’ and ‘After Reading’ sections.

A summary of the relevant scientific concepts addressed in each book is also provided on the inside front cover. This information provides a concise, easy-to-read summary of what your child is learning in the classroom as their teacher engages with each aspect of the Australian Curriculum: Science.

Each book connects to these science concepts using uniquely Australian contexts and Australian content that you, as a parent, can easily relate to – allowing you to be fully equipped to facilitate the scientific learning and reading development of your child.

Finally, throughout each book, Suzie the Scientist pops-up with interesting scientific facts in a visually engaging way that allows you to further spark your child’s interest in reading and science.

The authors are parents and teachers!

The authors are parents of children between the ages of 5 and 9 – this has provided one of the greatest drivers for the creation of the Suzie the Scientist home reader series. Their experience as parents gives the authors the best possible experience when it comes to judging the value and importance of the home reading process. They also have personal, first-hand, experience of what works best for their children and for themselves as they foster the reading development of their own children.

The authors are experienced, award winning, early childhood teachers and science educators, and they have collaboratively drawn on their experiences to create an interesting and diverse range of books that connect scientific concepts to everyday contexts that children (and parents!) can relate to. They also recognise the very important role parents play in reading development and they have deliberately provided you, the parent, with the necessary information to facilitate your child’s learning.

Sienna Osborne (Biography)

Randall Hall (Biography)

Richard John (Biography)

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My guided reading group absolutely love the Millie the Mathematician and Suzie the Scientist series. They are totally engaged for the entire session and really look forward to reading. The excitement at discovering the next title we will read together is genuine and creates quite a debate. Thank you for producing such a fabulous resource!
CyndiAdmin/Teacher Aide Mt Molloy State School

Recently we purchased Millie the Mathematician – P&C Association Special Offer and Suzie the Scientist Early Reader Series as well as received a free additional Millie the Mathematician pack.  As they are such a great addition to our home reader and guided reader library, we wish to purchase three more of Suzie the Scientist and two more of Millie the Mathematician so as we would have a library containing four of each math and science packs.
Maria, Teacher, St Patricks Catholic College Primary School

I look forward to receiving the books. I heard about them from the Rotary Assistant Governor of our sector of District 9685, who handed out a flyer at our recent Presidents’ meeting. I’m pleased to hear they have had such strong Rotary support.
Mentie, Wahroonga NSW

Congratulations on a great series, our teachers love them!
Julianne, Librarian, Goondiwindi State Primary School

The teachers and students love the readers.
Felicity, Teacher/Librarian, Townsville Grammar School

I’ve just found your books online. How I wish we had these a few years ago when our little girl (and lover of all things maths and science) had been learning to read! So wonderful to hear about great work coming out of our home state of QLD.
Emma, Mum, QLD